12-2pm Activities

Psychico campus, with its wide variety of athletic facilities, caters to all sorts of recreational play. During the 12-2pm session, students will entertain themselves with traditional favorites such as soccer, basketball, dancing and racket games, as well as activities like scuba diving, movie club, chess club, ping pong and art classes.



Play soccer with your IC Summer School friends in HAEF's soccer field.




Participate in intensive basketball training sessions with your schoolmates, practice in daily games and participate in the basketball tournament.





Dancing Lessons
After last year's popular demand, dancing lessons will be available throughout the mid-day session, allowing students to take a fun and enjoyable break between workshops.
Many options to choose from: street dance (MTV video clip choreography), latin, modern dance and zumba.




Racket Club
Have fun improving your tennis, Ping-Pong and squash strokes through structured lessons, tournaments and games. Tennis training will be available in 3 levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Four on-campus tennis courts, one squash court, and 5 Ping-Pong tables will be available.





Beach Volley, Volleyball
Love to play volleyball? Choose between the indoor fields or the fun outdoors beach volley turf.




Pool Games
Splash in the pool and beat the heat through swimming. Under qualified supervision, students will participate in organized training sessions.



Discover Scuba Diving
Learn the basic theory of scuba diving, acquire all the relevant skills required to scuba dive and play underwater games to improve buoyancy.
The scuba diving course lasts 4 days, 2 hours/day, and consists of:
4 modules of theory about scuba diving, covering concepts of buoyancy, pressure, equipment, underwater environment / communications, dive planning, problem management and
4 training dives in the pool, where students are taught all the prerequisite skills in order to scuba dive in safety.
IMPORTANT: Students who want to participate in the scuba diving course, should check off the “scuba diving” option on their online registration form, at the “activities” question, when registering. Attendance is mandatory for all 4 days of the course. The IC Office will send the necessary health and consent forms upon registration.


Water Polo

Water Polo is considered to be one of the best forms of physical exercise. It combines swimming skills with ball-control, within the water. Exercising in the water provides full-body, injury-free activity for the students. Water Polo players acquire advanced athletic skills, such as endurance, perception, and fast reflexes. As a very dynamic sports activity, Water Polo increases children’s confidence, cultivates their intelligence and grows their sense of responsibility. Most importantly, all these mental and physical benefits are assimilated during fun, game sessions.

Movie Club
A selection of popular and interesting movies will be available for students to enjoy during the 12-2pm break.






Visual Arts
The Art lab is equipped to host a variety of art classes. The schedule this year will include the following topics:
Cutting into color, inspired by Matisse
Cubist collage
Creating optical illusions, pen and ink
Printmaking with lino
Creating a stencil inspired by Banksy and Fairey
Working from observation, pencil drawing
Developing towards abstraction, mixed-media
Creating a self-portraitImpressionist v Expressionist painting, using a palette knife
Viewpoints, using a camera



Chess Club
Ready to exercise your mind? Play chess with your schoolmates and participate in the chess tournament.