Terms & Conditions

The IC Summer School is operated by the Informatics Center (IC) of the Hellenic American Educational Foundation.


It is advised that you make your booking as early as possible; space in the workshops is limited. Please note, that no payment should be made to the IC Summer School prior to your receiving an electronic registration confirmation by the IC Summer School. Any payment made will require quoting ICSS17.
Final schedule is subject to change based on sufficient student enrollment. Workshops with low participation, which is defined as 7 students or less, will be canceled and no tuition will be refunded. In the event of schedule changes, students will be notified in advance and will be given the option to select an alternative available workshop. The booking of a space in the IC Summer School is regarded as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.


All cancellations must be made in writing and will take effect at the date we receive such notice. For notice received on or before Friday, May 26th 2017, 50% of tuition will be refunded. For cancellations received after May 26th, no tuition will be refunded.

IC Summer School Rules

The IC Summer School rules outlined below are designed to ensure that all students and staff of the IC Summer School are able to enjoy the program free from any unpleasant, intimidating or aggressive behavior, and in total safety.

However, any student who consistently breaches the rules, or displays aggressive, intimidating or racist behavior towards another student or member of staff, will face instant expulsion from the IC Summer School. 

  1. Students are expected to attend all workshops, classes, arranged activities and meals, and are required to do so punctually. 
  2. Any damage to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the student. 
  3. Gratuitous or willful damage to school property, public property or other students’ property may result in the expulsion from the IC Summer School. 
  4. Dress code at IC Summer School is informal, however, students are expected to be modest and avoid distracting and provocative clothing.
  5. Consumption or possession of alcohol by students of any age is not permitted and will result in instant expulsion from the IC Summer School. 
  6. Drug-taking or possession of drugs will result, among others, in instant expulsion from the IC Summer School. 
  7. Smoking is not permitted on any of the school premises or on campus. 
  8. Racist or intimidating behavior towards another student or member of staff will result in the expulsion from the IC Summer School. 
  9. Mobile phones must be turned off during all lessons and scheduled activities. 
  10. If a student needs to be absent or out of the care and responsibility of our staff during the IC Summer School activities, a 24-hour advance notice must be given in writing.
  11. A Student Report written by each workshop instructor will be given to a student, who has participated in at least 4 out of 5 classes (for one-week workshops) and/or 8 out of 10 classes (for two-week workshops).
  12. A certification of Attendance will be awarded to all students, who have completed at least 80% of the IC Summer School program. 
  13. If a student drops out the program for any reason or in any case, a refund will not be granted.


All students attending the IC Summer School will be automatically insured for the duration of the IC Summer School.

Promotional Materials

Photographs or videos of the students may be taken during the IC Summer School. IC reserves the right, unless advised to the contrary by the parent/guardian in writing, to use these photographs or video clips as part of future IC Summer School promotional material. Parents will be asked to fill out an end-of- IC Summer School questionnaire at the completion of the workshops. The IC reserves the right to use this material for future promotion, unless otherwise stated by parents.

Liability & Changes

We reserve the right to make any changes or alterations to any aspect of the IC Summer School program, in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.

Greek Law

Greek Law shall apply to the contract, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts.

Summer School Fees Include

  • Minimum 90 hours participation for the 2-week program.
  • Refreshment and snack at 10:30
  • Lunch at Athens College Alumni premises (SAKA). Different menu each day consisting of carefully selected healthy Greek and Mediterranean cuisine: Salads, one main dish with side dish, dessert and soft drinks
  • IC Summer School supplies (T-Shirt, notebook, etc)
  • Insurance


If you have any questions or comments about the content, terms, and policies contained within, please send an email to ic-program[at]haef.gr, or call +30 210 67 98 170.