Evangelos Haratsis

Evangelos Haratsis studied Biology at the University of Athens and Psychology at Deree College. 
He obtained his MSc. in Investigative (Criminological) Psychology from the University of Liverpool under professor David Canter’s supervision (a well-known UK psychologist and police profiler). 
He presented the course Criminological Investigation (Anakritiki) at the Police Academy of Athens (2000-2004), specializing in homicides and kidnaps. 
He started his PhD (2001) at the Law School of Athens, under the guidance of professors Kalliopi Spinelis and Nestor Kourakis. Meanwhile, he has been teaching Biology in private schools ever since 2001, after moving from Liverpool to Athens. 
He is the writer of many historical medieval and modern European history articles as well as books, analyzing war decisions and behaviors.