Nikos Politis

Nikos Politis has been a television news producer for more than 19 years. His credits include various TV shows for ANT-1 TV, ET-1, PRISMA+, and ERT3. For seven years he reported for the financial newspaper “Express” and also produced his own morning news show for “En Lefko” radio station. He was editor in Chief for the magazine Computer Arts and field reporter for "ENA" magazine. In 2011 he worked for the awarded documentary “Shooting vs Shooting” as a scriptwriter and Editor in Chief. From 2010 till 2013 he directed the known Greek TV program "Reportage Horis Sinora”. (Reporters Without Borders). He wrote and directed his first full featured historical documentary "Pavlos. No Ordinary King". His latest work includes the historical documentary "The Rise and Fall of the Greek Industry" (2015).

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