Marlen Saites

Marlen Saites is a professional actress and a 2000 Athens College IB graduate. She has studied Theater Studies at Lancaster University in the UK and continued her Acting Studies in Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in the US. From an early age, she was exposed to theater by participating to several plays as a member of the Athens College Drama Club and as an IB Theater Arts student.  

While in Los Angeles, she participated in several productions. Returning to Athens she continued acting in many stages and appeared in TV shows and movies. 

During the past four years, she has taught teenagers theater and improvisation at summer camps (Ag. Andrea) and has volunteered in the World’s Ark; a Greek NGO (Kivotos tou Kosmou) where she directed and produced their Christmas Play. 

Since 2012, she has been teaching the IC Summer School’s Teen “Actors Studio” workshop. Marlen, would be delighted to transfer her love for theater, acting, communication and cooperation to the IC Summer School’s students and come back to where it all started.

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