Hands - On Filmmaking

hands on filmmaking
Students will be introduced to the language and practice of filmmaking. They will be taught, in theory and in practice, what it means to be a director, a screenwriter, a producer, an editor and a director of photography. The course is designed to give them hands-on experience of what it is like to be part of a film crew. For the final project, students will be split into three teams of 5 and each team will write, produce, direct and edit a short film. The screenplay of the short film has to take place in Athens College and must engage 2-3 actors max. (in collaboration with the Teen Actors Studio). Students will take turns at all the different roles in a film crew. Through this procedure, students will learn how to work as a team and they will understand the real process of filmmaking.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to filmmaking

Day 2: Screenwriting 101

Day 3: Short film Ideas submission

Day 4: Short film project Screenwriting

DAY 5: Casting and location scouting, allocation of shooting crew

DAY 6: Filming

DAY 7: Filming

DAY 8: Short Film Editing

DAY 9: Short Film Editing

Day 10: Final Cut of the Short film Project 

Project Description

Students will be working on a short film project that they will write and direct as a team, taking turns in all positions of the film crew.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn to understand the importance of teamwork in filmmaking and they will learn how fun it is to be part of the creative process. Students will write and direct their own short film in collaboration with teen Actors Studio. They will be able to enjoy the result of their teamwork in a final short film that they have created together.

By the end of the course students will know how to “read’ a film and how to analyze a screenplay. They will have learnt the whole production process of filmmaking in the 21st century.
The students will also learn how to use Digital equipment and will be introduced to screenwriting and editing software.