Understanding the concept of supply and demand is a key skill for students’ futures. This workshop will teach students about supply, demand and trade in a fun, game based learning environment. Students will also develop critical thinking skills and problem solving skills, as well as communication, collaboration and leadership skills.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
Learn the basics of Factorio gameplay.
Scenario 1 - Automation
Build group factory

Day 2
Scenario 2 - Power!
Science!! - Optimising - Yellow Belts
Build group factory

Day 3
Scenario 3 - Trains, signals/stations
Science!! - Optimising - Circuits/Science Packs
Build group factory

Day 4
Scenario 4 - Robotics - roboports, construction/logistics
Science!! - Optimising - Trains
Build group factory

Day 5
Scenario 5 - Circuit network,
Prepare presentation on learning
Build group factory

Project Description

Students will create a virtual factory as part of a team. They will need to calculate supply and demand of basic resources, intermediate products and final products. Students will also research optimisations and the best way to build their factory, be that based on speed, or optimal use of resources. Students will also have to create and maintain trade relationships with other groups.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn high level communication, leadership and collaboration skills. Students will also learn how to optimise virtual machinery and perform mathematical calculations based on time and required resources.

By the end of this workshop, students will have a deep understanding of supply and demand chains as well as trade systems, and how to balance one input with many outputs and keep an appropriate flow of products throughout.