Creating in Minecraft

Creating a Minecraft map takes time and skill. This workshop will give students the skills they need to create Minecraft maps and will also give them time to start their journey. Students will gain valuable knowledge about command blocks, redstone, texturing and creating content for others in Minecraft.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
Introductions, norms (rules), basics of Minecraft for those that need it, brainstorming ideas for map, grouping of students on areas of strength/interest. Research different map types, make collective/group decision on map being created, begin storyboarding/making a plan.
Map types: Mini-game, dropper, puzzle, parkour, ctm, adventure/story, visual/artistic.

Day 2
World building focus session: Introduction to available world building tools, storyboarding/planning may continue. Begin prototyping components of map. Researching things like command blocks, redstone machines, building types.

Day 3
Command block/redstone focus session. Prototyping components continues. Introduction to schematics and worldedit, when a component is complete save it as a schematic.

Day 4
Texturing/artwork focus session, creating a texture pack, can include sound.

Day 5
Mods focus session. Researching mods, testing mods for usefulness in map context. Finalizing schematics of components of map.

Day 6
Revisiting worldedit: Bringing the components together into a cohesive map. May need to revisit storyboarding/overall plan, as it may have changed due to prototyping issues. Building in the gaps between components.

Day 7
Building continues.

Day 8
Building continues. Begin testing map with others in group - feedback essential.

Day 9

Testing other groups’ maps. Adjusting map based on feedback.

Day 10
Final testing and adjustments. Take screenshots, look at advertising map. Make map publicly available for download.

Project Description

Students will collaboratively create a Minecraft map of their choice, from start to end. They will research and prototype map components. They will explore artistic design and storyboard their ideas to build their final map. They will then publish their map.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn communication, leadership, collaboration, digital citizenship, and high level research skills. Depending on choices made during workshop, students will also learn skills specific to different parts of Minecraft, such as redstone, commands, command blocks, textures, schematics, and world building tools. Students will also learn storyboarding and advertising.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to create content for public consumption in Minecraft, such as texture packs, maps, redstone contraptions, modpacks or any combination of these.

Workshop Instructor