Digital Fabrication - From Design Thinking to 3D Printing

The workshop focuses on the basic principles of design, target groups, aesthetics, functional and environmental requirements. It is structured in lectures and product development workshops, where the trainees are familiarized with brainstorming techniques and modern computer-based design methods and technologies.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
Introduction to design

Day 2
Ergonomics - Aesthetics

Day 3
Product Analysis through examples

Day 4
New product needs - opportunities

Day 5

Day 6
Design tools (sketching, CAD, model making)

Day 7
Digital fabrication: 3d printing, Laser Cutter, CNC router

Day 8
3d Printing examples

Day 9
Prototyping with 3d Printer

Day 10

Project Description

This workshop’s main objective is Design Thinking. The final project will be defined through class, and it will be a 3d printed prototype object.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn about processes and techniques on designing new products.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to think in a more creative way.

Workshop Instructor

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