FBI College (Level 2-Grades 9 to 12)

Offender Profiling is a behavioral analysis method, which enables the researchers and the police forces all around the western world to identify, link and further analyze violent crimes and the behaviors or strategies of unknown offenders.
In an advanced Criminological Psychology Course we collect and use various data directly or indirectly from the crime scene, in order to portray thoroughly in a scientific manner, the various and often changing or evolving behaviors of an offender (evolution) and his/her interactions with their victims (victimology). Our students are presented with methods of approach, blitz attacks etc.
This workshop is strictly available to students from grades 9 to 12.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
What is crime, presentation of case studies, methods of crime analysis, motivational theories, team separation

Day 2
Schools of criminological thought, why humans proceed to criminal behaviors? Blue and white collar crime. Case study analysis team work.

Day 3
Presentation of abductions and burglaries, why the offender chooses a certain victim? Victim selection theory. Risk assessment

Day 4
Presentation of homicides and child abuse cases, linking crime methods. How many offenders?

Day 5
Huge amount of criminological data interfere with crime analysis. Serial killers.

Project Description

Presentation of criminological theories and then group work in 4-5 persons, regarding solving various criminal cases (solved or unsolved) by producing useful psychological profiles after analyzing the given data from each crime scene. The course’s culmination should be the capability of students to collect, evaluate, assimilate and link various criminological data as is the usual daily life of a police and psychological investigator. Finally, we could present our findings to the rest of the teams.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop our students will learn how to protect themselves from the “claws” of bad people.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to analyze and link criminological behaviors in order to produce a valid criminological profile.

Workshop Instructor

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