Photography, from grain to pixel

Through theory and technical exercise, students will learn how to visualize their ideas and make them easy to communicate. The objective is to learn how to take better pictures by shooting less. It is not just enough to add photographs to the world, but we have to somehow add the world into our photographs.


No prior knowledge is needed. Possession of camera with Automatic and Manual Settings is mandatory, cell phone cameras are not accepted.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
THE GAME: 5 themes and 40 minutes of shooting on campus, students set their imagination and creativity free.
TECHNIQUE: Photoshop (elementary): Demo of 3-4 tools and discovery of the magic world, file management.

Day 2
Light Painting: First contact with long exposure and its effect “painting” with light.
TECHNIQUE: Aperture, Exposure, ISO.

Day 3
CAMERA OBSCURA: “Primitive”, analog way of understanding the camera and lens function.
TECHNIQUE: RAW, JPEG, TIFF file formats – Editing, viewing and selection.

Day 4
STUDIO: Lighting, directing, shooting a person.
TECHNIQUE: Using and understanding the different light options.

Day 5
Recapitulation and final selection of pictures for last day’s show.

Project Description

By the end of the workshop and during parents’ showcase day, students will present a group photography show with their pictures.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn how to shoot less pictures but more effectively. They will build a consistent story, work in creative groups, express their ideas and develop a project from scratch. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to manually control their cameras and apply different technical solutions depending on their ideas. They will learn how to use Photoshop. They will understand how photography can be used successfully as a communication tool.

Workshop Instructor