Adventures in the World of Tourism

The workshop will offer an introduction to the world of tourism and hospitality. Starting with the way in which various sectors (e.g. accommodation, transportation, events, tour operating, etc.) combine their services in producing an overall tourism experience, the workshop will place emphasis on wider elements such as the skills needed for a successful career in tourism, the nature and patterns of tourism demand, the variety of tourism-based products and attractions, the interaction between hosts and guests, the relationship between tourism and the environment, the role of new technologies, etc. The workshop aims to highlight the importance of appropriate planning and effective decision-making in ensuring a balance between customer satisfaction, business success and a fair distribution of tourism’s costs and benefits. Students will exercise their judgement in evaluating decisions related to tourism policy and management, and will propose priorities, actions and strategies in tourism planning and development.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
The session will introduce students to the structure of the tourism industry and the particularities of the tourism product. It will also offer insights into the specialized knowledge and skills required for working in different roles in the tourism and hospitality industry. Students will be encouraged to discuss how their own interests, backgrounds, preferences and aspirations may form the basis for a successful and fulfilling career in tourism.

Day 2
The session will be devoted to the importance of understanding tourists’ needs and desires for designing and delivering winning products and services. Students will reflect on the differences between various types of consumers and the complexity of satisfying diverse tastes and expectations.

Day 3
The session will focus on the need for planning tourism development in a sustainable manner, i.e. in a way that ensures a balance between economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts. Students will be introduced to the challenge of maximizing visitor numbers and revenue while avoiding issues such as overcrowding, pollution, noise, etc.

Day 4
This session will be devoted to how online technologies may create opportunities for tourism businesses to engage with their customers in a personalized way, and how technology trends may be turned into new products and services. Students will be invited to offer their own perspective as ambassadors of a new generation that is in touch with latest technologies and devices.

Day 5
The hot issue for this final day will be the importance of collaboration and collective action between different people and organisations in tourism. Students will be encouraged to reflect on how businesses can achieve better results by working with, instead of against, their competitors.

Project Description

The project will involve the creation of a Monopoly-style interactive game in which players’ progress will depend on their ability to evaluate decisions related to tourism policy and management. The exact scenario, tasks, rewards, etc. will be created by students during each session, as a result of discussions and role-play exercises. The aim of the game will be to stimulate students’ thinking in relation to the complexity involved in successfully managing and planning tourism.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn how the tourism industry is organized, its particularities, the opportunities it can offer and the challenges it may entail.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to understand the role of elements such as collaboration, planning, technology, etc. in pursuing a career in tourism and hospitality.

Workshop Instructor