Demystifying Wall Street – the world of finance

This workshop will introduce students to how banks work, how finance works, what Wall Street is and what the “city” (London) is all about.  It will help students understand terms and buzzwords often heard on the news, such as the “Fed”, the European Central Bank, central banks, traders, investment bankers, credit, QE (Quantitative Easing), and liquidity.  It will welcome students to the world of finance.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
The birth of banks and money
How banks evolved
Understanding the basics of finance
Project briefing and initiation

Day 2
The notion of money
How it works and what affects it
The notion of time and money
Financial instruments, transactions and investments
Financial information sources (Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo)
Project development

Day 3
Participants and marketplaces
Capital raising and lending
Trading and liquidity provision
Financial advice (risk, asset, custody)
Project development

Day 4

Financial institutions;
Value of markets The 24 hr market place – global financial markets
Markets (money, debt, stock, foreign exchange, commodity markets, derivatives)
Project development

Day 5
Financial regulation
Project development and finalization

Project Description

In this workshop, students can choose between three projects.
They can present a “master/guru” of finance and what made him/her successful e.g. Jamie Dimon, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Ben Benake, Mario Draghi, Gordon Gekko.
They can present an investment portfolio and show its evolution throughout the week (choose investments and state why they choose them); show win/loss.
Present one of the financial crises and why it happened and what we learned from it.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will get a glimpse of what happens in the world of finance. They will learn the basic components of the financial world, and by the end of the course, they will be able to judge if a career in finance is of interest to them.