How to start your own business

This workshop presents the concepts of creating and running your own business. The emphasis will be on the emotional and motivational aspects of running a business and what is required to succeed. It will touch lightly on the business concepts (business plan, business model). The main interest will be about vision, passion, innovative thinking, understanding and identification of consumer or business needs, “proof of concept.” It’s all about ideas, finding them and realizing them.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
Why start a business, why will I (we) succeed?

Day 2
Where do I begin, what do I need to succeed? What are the pitfalls & challenges?

Day 3
How will I know my idea makes sense? How can I check somebody else has not tried it before?

Day 4
Exercise – find a “strange” business that succeeded and explain why.
Business ideas and case studies, success stories, business guests.

Day 5
Presentation of group business idea to the “business panel”
Winner of the presentation (best business idea might present at the parents evening).

Project Description

Students will present their idea for starting a business, they will explain why they believe their business could succeed, how they would do it and what they believe is their unique selling proposition. They will firstly present to theory classmates and will be critically assessed and questioned about their proposal. There will be a couple of business guests that will provide feedback on student ideas and how to go about making them happen!

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn how businesses are created, how businesses are run, the pitfalls of being a business owner, and the joys of running your own business.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to understand how to start a business.