Python – from What Is It, to I can Do It in a Week

Python is a valued programming language that offers good careers. Learning it can be time consuming, but this workshop will introduce coding concepts in a manageable and fun way so that students learn the skills but at the same time see a plausible output from their code. To begin with the requirements will be prescriptive, but towards the end of the week the requirements will become more open-ended and challenging.

Day by Day Schedule

Day 1
Introduction to IDEs Integrated Development Environments
Text based manipulation

Day 2
Numerical operations
Introduction to variables and types

Day 3
Making and using functions/methods
Libraries exemplified using random numbers
Application of Python to games

Day 4
Application of Python to web scraping

Day 5

Application of learnt knowledge to implement an artificially intelligent algorithm

Project Description

Students will be actively and continuously working on their programs throughout the week, under close guidance during the learning phase. Once proficiency has been gained over the first three days they will demonstrate their skills by writing a piece of code that appears to be intelligent in other words a piece of AI.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop students will learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to take a word description and use it to implement a functioning piece of code.