Gift of Solidarity to Earthquake-Stricken School in Lesvos

The Municipality of the North Aegean issued a public announcement in which it thanked the Student Communities of “Athens College” and “Psychico College,” part of the non-profit “Hellenic-American Educational Foundation,” for their offer to undertake “all costs to reconstruct the building and secure the material and technical infrastructure for the re-opening of the School in Vrisa, Lesvos that was destroyed by the earthquake that struck on June 12th, 2017.”

This initiative is part of the prevailing tradition of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation’s schools in social beneficence and solidarity, implemented by their Student Communities every year, in a multitude of ways.

It recalls the initiative of the Athens College Student Community which re-built schools that were destroyed by the war – particularly in remote areas – between the years 1949 and 1972.

The latest enterprise is a manifestation of the social awareness and sensitivity of the Athens College and Psychico College Student Communities, an act which the entire College family will support.

Click here to watch a TV news report (in Greek) on the subject.