Hellenic-American Educational Foundation Announcement

Much publicity – predominantly through mass and social media – has been given lately to the conflict between the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (Athens College – Psychico College) and the U.S. Board of Trustees following the latest court ruling in New York.

Despite the fact that many of the posts and comments making reference to the case and to  our School are inaccurate and do not correspond to reality, the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation has not and will not make any statements, nor give any answers, because:

* The court ruling includes the Judge’s order for a search process that seeks a negotiated settlement between the two parties, a process which is already underway following the unanimous decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation.

* Until such time as this process is completed, the lawyers prohibit any statements on the matter, given that at this stage any public statement is fragmentary and focuses on the past, and, therefore, detrimental to finding a comprehensive solution and, understandably, incompatible with the best interests of the School.