U.S. Ambassador Visits the College

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, the U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, His Excellency Geoffrey R. Pyatt, visited the College facilities on the Psychico campus.

Accompanied by the President of HAEF’s Board of Directors, Mr. Alexandros Samaras, members of the Board, College President, Prof. Spiro Pollalis, Head of Athens College’s School units, Mr. D. Tselentis and that of Psychico College’s School units, Mr. A. Athanasopoulos, the Interschool Head of English, Ms. M. Vergou, the Head of the College Scholarship Fund, Mr. D. Karamanos and the Executive Director of the Fullbright Foundation in Greece, Ms. A. Zenetou, Ambassaor Pyatt visited the “J.M. Carras” Kindergarten, Benaki Hall, the Library and the Informatics Center.

Prior to being given a tour of the campus, Ambassor Pyatt participated in a briefing on educational issues.  During the tour of the Kindergarten, he was informed of the implementation of the “Value of the Month” program as well as the process by which technology is introduced to young students.

In Benaki Hall, the Ambassador was informed about the history of the building and the traditional ties between Greece and the U.S. as manifested through the College. He also had an opportunity to watch highlights from a rehearsal in which the Music Club’s students were engaged.