Commencement 2016

In an atmosphere filled with sentiment and joy, the 87th Commencement Ceremony of the Athens College - Psychico College graduating class took place on Tuesday July 12th, 2016.

Over 3000 parents, relatives and friends, faculty members and College alumni applauded the 378 graduates at the crowning moment of their school journey.

The ceremony was held in in the courtyard of historic Benaki Hall on the Psychico campus. 
Following the customary parade of hundreds of alumni representing different generations, the President of the College, Prof. Spiro Pollalis, addressed the audience, reflecting upon the significance of the Ceremony:   for the students who completed not only their studies but a decisive phase in their lives and who are on the threshold of a new one; for their parents;  for their teachers.  

Prof. Pollalis wished the members of the graduating class success in the continuation of their academic studies as well as their professional careers, happiness in their personal lives, and a strong and active commitment to service and citizenship.

The Commencement Ceremony concluded with speeches from representatives of the class of 2016, with the bestowal of awards, and with the presentation of graduation diplomas by Mr. Dionysis Tselentis, Co-Director of Athens College, and by Mr. Apostolos Athanasopoulos, Coordinator of the Psychico College School Units.

After the Ceremony, the traditional dinner took place, attended by former and new graduates.  In its own way, the dinner underscored the core message of this annual College celebration:  unbroken continuity, unity and vision for a historic School that, this year, has fulfilled 90 years of service and contribution to Greek education and society.