Admissions to Elementary School 1st Grade

Dear Parents,


The admissions process to the College Elementary School 1st grade for academic year 2017-18, which is for children born in 2011, begins in September 2016.


May we remind you that, if you have a child (sibling of one of our students) who you would like us to consider a candidate for 1st grade and wish to participate in the admissions process, you must submit a participation request form to the Admissions Office in Psychico (Ms. Ekat. Kanta and Ms. Agg. Koutiva) immediately.


This reminder does not apply to children who are presently enrolled in the “J.M. CARRAS” Kindergarten.


Kindly bear in mind that participation in the admissions process is only open to children for whom the relevant request form has been submitted on a timely basis.