Collegiada on Technology and Education

A conference of exceptional interest, entitled “Collegiada on Technology and Education,” co-organized by Athens College and Psychico College, was held in the College Theater on Monday, October 23, 2017.


Greeting addresses were given by newly elected President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation, Nikos Tsavliris, and College President, Richard Jackson.


Mr. Emmanuel Kondylis, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and member of the HAEF Association, coordinated the event. 


Speakers were College alumni:


  • Kleanthis Nikolaidis ΄65, PhD in Chemistry, Yale University, former Professor at Athens Polytechnic and Director of the Institute of Research, on “Technology, its social implications, and the case of Greece.”
  • Dinos Arcoumanis ΄66, former Professor of Engineering at Imperial College, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of City University of London, on “The role of technology in teaching.”
  • Niki Kerameus ΄98, Lawyer practicing in Athens and New York, post-graduate degrees from Sorbonne University and Harvard Law School, Member of the Hellenic Parliament (State Constituency) and Head of the Education Sector of the New Democracy Party, on “Social media and education.”


An interesting discussion followed, engendering fruitful reflection.


It is worth commending the outstanding organization of the conference, comprised of three twenty-minute, coordinated speeches that did not overlap one another, whose themes flowed smoothly (from the general to the specific), and which allowed a full hour for discussion with the audience.


The idea of expanding the institution of “Collegiada” from the long established Sports Collegiada to other areas belongs to former President of the Board of Directors, Alexandros K. Samaras.