PanHellenic Forensics Association Tournament 2017

HAEF placed 1st in the overall ranking at the PanHellenic Forensics Association Tournament 2017 bringing home the Sweepstakes Cup. Additionally, our School placed 2nd (finalists) in the Debate category.


The tournament took place at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki from March 16th to the 19th.  HAEF was represented by a team of 39 student who participated in 6 events.  Over 450 students from 23 schools in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras competed.  The HAEF team took first place, accumulating the greatest number of Finalists and Honorable Mentions, with 9 students qualifying for the finals and 9 Honorable Mentions!  St. Catherine’s British School placed 2nd and St. Lawrence College 3rd in the overall ranking.

In the Debate category, HAEF’s first team reached the Grand Final vying against the St. Lawrence team, whilst HAEF’s second team reached the Quarter-Finals. Students who distinguished themselves (in each category) are as follow:

Oral Interpretation of Literature: 

  • Christina Piliouni (IB1) - Finalist, Comic Oral Interpretation
  • Eleni Repouliou (H.S. 12th grade – P.C.) - Honorable Mention, Comic Oral Interpretation
  • Elisavet Loverdou (H.S. 11th grade A.C.) - Honorable Mention, Comic Oral Interpretation
  • Giorgos Aravosis (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) - Honorable Mention, Dramatic Oral Interpretation
  • Dimitris Vanos (J.H.S. 9th grade A.C.) - Honorable Mention, Dramatic Oral Interpretation

Duet Acting:

  • Konstantina Aggoura (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) & Argyro Chatzieleftheriadou (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) - Finalists, Comic Duet Acting
  • Giorgos Aravosis (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) & Leon Melas (H.S. 10th grade – P.C.) - Finalists, Comic Duet Acting

Impromptu Speaking:

  • Silia Gazepi (IB1) - Finalist
  • Christina Piliouni (ΙΒ1) - Finalist
  • Alexandros Katsarlinos (ΙΒ2) - Honorable Mention

Original Oratory:

  • Marianna Empeoglou (ΙΒ2) - Finalist
  • Giorgos Filippopoulos (ΙΒ1) - Finalist
  • Katerina Polychronopoulou (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) - Honorable Mention
  • Christina Theochari (H.S. 10th grade – A.C.) - Honorable Mention
  • Natalia Alipranti (H.S. 11th grade – A.C.) - Honorable Mention

Group Discussion: 

  • Dimitris Trovias (H.S. 11th grade – A.C.) - Finalist
  • Nikos Stavrianos (H.S. 11th grade – A.C.) - Finalist
  • Martha Lazanaki (ΙΒ1) - Honorable Mention



  • Marianna Empeoglou (ΙΒ2), Markos Gazepis (H.S. 12th grade – A.C.), Stelios Skavdis (ΙΒ2), Dimitris Maroudas (ΙΒ2), and Giannis Tyrovolas (ΙΒ1) - Finalists  
  • Silia Gazepi (IB1), Christina Piliouni (IB1), Alexandros Katsarlinos (IB2), Nicholas Papandreou (IB1), and Vasilis Sioufas (H.S. 12th grade – P.C.) - Quarter-finalists
  • Stelios Skavdis:  2nd best speaker
  • Marianna Empeoglou:  9th best speaker

The following teachers and coaches have been preparing the team from the start of the academic year:

- Oral Interpretation: Penny Basiacou & Mina Vogia

- Duet Acting: Dafni Remoundou

- Impromptu Speaking: Vayanna Fotakidou

- Group Discussion: Vicky Mavrika & Eleni Gkolemi

- Original Oratory: Kallina Basli

- Debate: Giannis Paradeisiadis, Vasilis Tsipopoulos, Kallina Basli

The help and guidance provided by Ms. Heather Quirk in preparing students for all of the events was extremely valuable.

Congratulations to our students!