Salutation from President Sp. Pollalis to the Graduating Class of 2017

Dear senior class students,

Your school, the College, has provided you with knowledge, skills, principles, values and standards.  It has given you the “primer” for the “outside” world, for your life and for your future.  It has supplied you with the “ingredients of diligence and good conduct,” as Stephanos Delta wrote in the College’s founding declaration.  Bringing your life at the College full circle is an important milestone for you, as it was for your predecessors and as it shall be for those who follow.   Of course, the journey does not end here; it goes on.  New starting points, new hurdles, filled with challenges and opportunities, define your entry into academic life.  Your studies, in whatever field you have chosen, will prepare you to become productive in the globalized society.  Surely you will remember much from your years at the College – faces, things and situations.  Equally, we, too, will not forget.  We always try to maintain a meaningful relationship with everyone, with each of you.  To revert to the words of Stephanos Delta and the legacy he passed down: you must do your part, you must “act as honest, useful and educated people, having cultivated the proper qualities of spirit and character.” The College has invested in you.  It awaits for your teachers’ efforts to bear fruit, when you attain positions of responsibility, when you take the helm in some aspect of our nation’s spiritual, political, social or business life. I hope that the values of the College serve as a steady compass on your journey.  In sum, I hope that your actively contribute to the effort to make Greece a country worthy of its people and its potential.