Psychico College Students Engaged In “GreenPatmos” Program

Psychico College students, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme’s CAS activities and in collaboration with the Benaki Phytopathological Institute, took the initiative to propose to the Municipality of Patmos a tree planting project in a coppice of the island that marks the path towards the Cave of the Apocalypse.  The trees in this forested area have suffered insect infestation that have rendered most of them dry.  The students’ proposal was adopted by the Municipality of Patmos and set up under its auspices.

The activity was also placed under the auspices of the South Aegean Region’s administration, was supported by numerous sponsors and embraced by the “Aegean Team” and the program “Together We Can” (

Having raised funds for the purchase of plants and equipment through online crowd-funding, on the eve of the reforestation, Psychico College students chatted with their peers from Patmos about the island and the environment.  The following day, they planted trees together and jointly organized environment-themed photography and drawing competitions open to all of Patmos’ Elementary, Junior High and High School students in an effort to raise environmental awareness.