University Admissions



 Follow-up of Our Graduates’ Outstanding Achievements


On August 24th, the Ministry of Education published the cut-off marks and student rankings that resulted from the 2017 PanHellenic Examinations for Tertiary Education.  From the first look at the data provided, yet again, College graduates excelled!  The success rate of Athens College-Psychico College graduates was very high (92% of all members of the class seeking admission to institutions of higher education in Greece).


The great majority of our graduates gained admission to the University program/school of their first choice.


It should be noted that 30,4 % of our General High School graduates also applied to foreign universities – principally in the US and Great Britain – to which they were all accepted.


The performances of graduates of our IB Programme were particularly outstanding: 98% gained admission to universities in the US, Great Britain and other European nations.


Indicatively, some of the foreign universities to which our 2017 graduates were accepted are:   Princeton, MIT, Yale, Brown, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, JohnsHopkins, Tufts, (USA),   Cambridge, Oxford University, LSE, Imperial, King’s College, UCL, Durham, Bath, Warwick, Newcastle, Surrey (Great Britain).


A detailed presentation, with more complete data regarding 2017 College graduates’ acceptances to institutions of higher learning will be included in the Annual Report of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation 2016-2017.