The Leros Code

A group of boys and girls travel to Leros for the holidays.  There they will meet new friends and brave a thrilling, yet dangerous, adventure.  Whilst trying to preserve a document of unique importance about the history of the island, they are faced with a ruthless gang.

This is novel full of summertime, sea, jealousy, childhood love, and… adults who often act like children.  But, it is also a novel with an important and timely social message inasmuch as one of protagonists is little Elias, a Syrian refugee.  Together with his family he will get to know the harsh face of reality, but he will also taste the warmth of solidarity and friendship.

 (from the Biblionet database)


The Leros Code
Publisher:  Kedros
Year of Publication: 2016
Pages: 248


for students in 5th – 6th grade