When the Statues Left

Darlasi, Aggeliki.  When the Statues Left.  Athens: Metaixmio, 2015


There once was a girl who had heard the statues sing, had danced with them under the moonlight and had seen them become tearful.  That is because statues come to life at night.  Angelina knew that all too well, as she practically grew up in the museum.  Besides, the fact that she had one whole and one half, “cursed” “arm made her look all the more like them.  Aside from Tiko, her only human friend, the statues were her best friends.


When Mussolini declared war on Greece, the fear that the darkness of Nazism would prevail became even stronger.  And those related to the museum, from archaeologists to ordinary workers, all shared a common anxiety; they all shared the same secret that seemed to boil down to a single phrase:  “Let’s hope we have the time to…”  Angelina will want to learn that secret and she will help Tiko hide his.


A deeply humane and anti-war story about friendship, coming of age, the search for identity and the need to preserve one’s cultural heritage, based on the true story regarding the concealment of the National Archaeological Museum’s antiquities during the Greco-Italian War.


[from the back cover of the book]


Date of posting:  October 11, 2017