The Prince with the Three Fates

Papadopoulou, Evi and Chrysikopoulos, Vasilis.  The Prince with the Three Fates.  Athens: Martis, 2017


“Three fates define my life: a crocodile, a snake and a dog”


The Egyptian prince refuses to live his life in fear because of the prophecy of the Seven Aethors, so he decides to travel and become acquainted with life in the countries surrounding the Euphrates River.  There he will confront his three fates and will want to personally set the course of his life.


“The Prince with the Three Fates,” the first of our new series entitled “Ancient Egyptian Tales,” dates back to the 13th century BC, at the beginning of the 19th Egyptian Dynasty – that of Pharaoh Ramesses II – and is preserved on papyrus that is kept in the British Museum.  The story of the prince, both touching and timeless, remains alive through the narratives of current day Egyptians.


 [from the back cover of the book]


Date of posting:  October 11, 2017