Operation and Educational Objectives

The Psychico College Elementary School Library and its operation are part of the School’s curriculum.  It is included in the students’ timetables, with grades 1 through 4 visiting the Library once a week and grades 5 and 6 once every two weeks. The librarians are responsible for Library hour.  The main objectives of the Library are to familiarize students with free voluntary reading, to cultivate in them a love for books, to help them acquire research skills, and to help them complete a project in the Library utilizing the print and electronic resources found therein.

The Library has three librarians who, together with the Director of HAEF’s Libraries, collaborate to achieve the aforementioned objectives, to acquire materials for the enrichment of the Library’s collection, and to organize the materials in order to make them easily accessible through the electronic catalogue.

At Christmastime and in the summer, the Library prepares and sends out to parents lists of newly published books that it recommends.
In recent years, the Library has been organizing a “Sunday Event,” during which time parents may bring students in to School to attend theatrical performances based on their favorite books or topics, as well to participate in artistic workshops led by artists, storytellers, etc.
On the day Report Cards are distributed, librarians are available to meet with parents to provide updates regarding their children and to discuss, of course, the Library’s operation.