Student Admissions into High School 10th Grade

Admission into 10th grade is through written EXAMS in Modern Greek, Mathematics and English.



The May 2018 exam in Modern Greek for students seeking admission into the 10th grade of Athens College and Psychico College will consist of the following components:


  1. Reading comprehension or summarization

  2. Recognition of text organization (structure and paragraph cohesion, paragraph development, linking of sentences and paragraphs)

  3. Paratactic and hypotactic clauses (separation, identification and usage)

  4. Recognition of the main grammatical structures (nouns, adverbs)

  5. Written expression:  300 words on one of the themes taught in Junior High School.  The College will designate the genre (article, letter, diary or speech).




The May 2018 exam in Mathematics for students seeking admission into the 10th grade of Athens College and Psychico College will consist of the syllabus as covered in the textbook “9th Grade Mathematics” written by Dimitrios Argyrakis, Panagiotis Vourganas, Konstantinos Mentis, Stamatoula Tsikopoulou and Michail Chrysovergis.  Specifically:



Chapter 1:  ALGEBRA

1.1       Real number operations (permutations with repetition)

            B.  Powers of real numbers (exponentiation)

            C.  Square root of real numbers

1.2       Monomials – Functions with monomials

            A.  Algebraic expressions - monomials

            B.  Monomial operations

1.3       Polynomials – Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

1.4       Multiplication of polynomials

1.5       Algebraic identities [excluding sub paragraph (ε) Cube differences – Cube additions]

1.6       Factorization of algebraic expressions [excluding sub paragraphs (δ) on cubes and (στ) on trinomials such as x2 + (α + β)x + αβ]

1.8       Least common multiples (LCM) and greatest common divisors (GCM) in algebraic expressions

1.9       Explicit algebraic representations

1.10     Operation of explicit algebraic representations

            A.  Multiplication – Division of explicit algebraic representations

            B.  Addition – Subtractions of explicit algebraic representations



2.2       Quadratic equations

            A.  Solving quadratic equations by factoring

            B.  Solving quadratic equations by using a quadratic formula (without providing a proof)

2.3       Problems in solving quadratic equations

2.5       Inequalities - in one variable

            B.  Ordering properties of real numbers

            C.  First degree inequalities with one variable



3.1       The concept of linear equations

3.2       The concept of linear equations and graphical solutions

3.3       Algebraic applications to solve linear equations





Chapter 1:  GEOMETRY

1.1       Theorems for triangles



2.1       Trigonometric functions of angles ω with 00≤  ω 1800

2.2       Inverses of trigonometric ratios

2.3       Relations between trigonometric ratios

2.4       Law of Sines (Sine Rule) – Law of Cosines (Cosine Rule) (without proofs)






Overall ability:  in terms of the Common European Framework, students should have abilities typical of a high B2.


As a more specific indication, students should have an excellent command of the following:



  • All tenses
  • Passive voice (including causative form and impersonal constructions)
  • Conditionals
  • Reported speech
  • Modals(present and perfect tenses)
  • Relative clauses


Reading Comprehension and literary analysis: students should be able to identify and analyze the use of the following literary devices in a given text:

  • Conflict
  • Climax
  • Characterization
  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification)

ability to write an

  • Opinion essay


Oral fluency: students of Athens College and Psychico College Middle Schools are expected to have a high degree of oral ability in English. Although speaking is not part of the test for the outside entrants, both parents and students should be aware of the importance the school gives to speaking skills. English is the medium of instruction in English classes.



Each of the three disciplines (Modern Greek, Mathematics, and English) will be graded on a scale of 100 points, with 50 points being the passing score. Students will be admitted strictly on merit, based on the cumulative score achieved in the Modern Greek, Mathematics and English exams.  Students who do not achieve a passing grade in any one of the three disciplines are automatically excluded.  Final scores will be announced to parents in writing and no appeal for test retaking or review will be considered.

The Administration places successful candidates into one of the two HAEF Schools, in Athens College or Psychico College, based on the availability of spaces in each of the two Schools.  In so doing, priority is given to siblings of current students.

Students will complete their schooling in the same High School in which they are placed in 10th grade.  Changing from Athens College to Psychico College can take place at the end of 10th grade only in the event that the student opts to join the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Programme which is administered by Psychico College.


Specifically, for admission into the 2018 High School 10th grade, the exams will take place on


Saturday, May 19, 2018


from 08:30 until 13:30 at the Psychico Campus


Applications for sitting the exams are accepted up until Monday, May 7, 2018 provided that the amount of 120 Euros has been paid in advance at the Accounting Office of the College (Psychico campus).


The application must be accompanied by a recent photograph of the applicant (passport size) in order for an EXAM IDENTIFICATION CARD to be issued.