Parents Fund Drive

The Parents Fund Drive Committee (PFD) for the Athens College – Psychico College Scholarship Fund was founded in 1978.  This year, the Committee celebrates 40 years of inventiveness and significant contribution to the School’s Scholarship Fund.  Its members participate on a strictly volunteer basis, dedicating their spare time for the promotion of the PFD’s purpose, which is to bolster the Scholarship Program.

For the parent-members of the Committee, as well as for the numerous non-member parents who help organize events, enhancing the Scholarship Fund is a project of love and solidarity, both important and necessary, as it:

• gives children from all socio-economic classes an opportunity to attend our School,

• it doesn’t force students already enrolled at our School to withdraw because of their families’ financial hardships,

• it sets an example for children to volunteer their time and services, just as their parents do, thus developing in them social awareness and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Each year, the Committee organizes an array of events - artistic, cultural, social and educational in nature –in order to achieve its goals.  Some of the more traditional events are jointly organized with the Past Parents Fund Drive Committee.  Examples include:

• the organization of the annual Christmas Bazaar, one of the most famous in Athens

• guided tours of museums

• art exhibitions

• theatrical performances and film screenings

• artistic events, concerts and musical specials

• excursions

Those of you interested in becoming actively involved, please fill out the Volunteer Registration Form (in Greek).