General Scholarship Program – Basic Policies and Procedures

  • The General Scholarship Program – further to its mission statement and decades old operation policy – provides financial aid (tuition discount) based on economic need and not on academic achievement.  Nonetheless, Scholarship recipients must meet certain academic standards and display proper conduct.
  • The Scholarships are not “loans” that must be repaid.  Traditionally, however, they are looked upon as “honor debts” which recipients are expected to settle whenever – and to whatever extent – their future financial status permits.
  • Before the start of each academic year (usually in June), parents, who for reasons of financial hardship wish to apply for a tuition discount, must complete the relevant application form and submit it to the Secretariat of the Scholarship Fund together with the requisite supporting documents.  The deadline for submitting the tuition discount application is announced in a letter that is mailed by the School to all parents.  Those parents who express an interest will be provided with a document detailing the General Scholarship Program’s conditions, the necessary supporting documents, and the procedures for filing an application.
  • All applications and supporting documents are reviewed by two Committees:  one from Athens College and one from Psychico College for their respective students.  The Committees are comprised of the Head of the Scholarship Program, designated by the Board of Directors (as President), and by members of the Administration and the Faculty from each School unit (Elementary, Junior High School and High School).
  • The Committees consider and thoroughly investigate all of the information provided and weigh each family’s need for a tuition discount.  In so doing, several factors are taken into account, such as the family’s annual income and its source(s), assets (as declared to the National Taxation Bureau), the number of family members, the number of children attending the College, and other family burdens or unusual circumstances (illness, death, unemployment, etc.).  In many cases – where the Committee deems the need for further investigation – applicants are requested to resubmit or provide new supporting documents, to undergo meetings-interviews, visits, etc.
  • After reviewing all applications, the Scholarship Committees decide – based on the documented needs/abilities of each family – the amount of the discount to be granted, bearing all the while in mind the overall annual sum that has been budgeted by the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation for the Scholarship Fund.  Immediately thereafter, parents are notified by letter of the Committee’s final decision.
  • Tuition discounts are granted for one academic year.  The application process is repeated annually.