Interschool Head: M. Vergos
Head: H. Quirk
High School Coordinator: S. Nikolaou

Overall Goal of Junior High and High School English Program

To graduate students whose level of English will enable them to pursue undergraduate degrees at English-speaking universities abroad.

Theoretical Framework of English Teaching in the High School

1. The Teaching for Understanding Framework of the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Teaching practices tend to reflect the Teaching for Understanding framework set out by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Most English teachers have been introduced to the Harvard TfU program.

Teaching for Understanding embraces the following principles:

  • Clearly defined goals, on-going assessment of those goals, alternative forms of assessment (e.g. rubrics, portfolios and multiple measures), emphasis on understanding
  • Promotion of life-long learning skills: critical thinking, ability of students to work independently, the fostering of individual interests
  • Student-centered learning through project work, group work, use of new technologies

2. The European Dimension to English Teaching (The Common European Framework)

Our syllabi have been revised to make our curriculum more student-centered and interdisciplinary. Our integrated approach to the learning of English encourages inquiry and collaboration and fosters critical thinking skills.

Programs Taught

ENL (English as a Native Language): these programs are designed for students who have a native or near-native level of English proficiency.

ESL (English as a Second Language): these programs are designed for students who function in English with a commendable level of fluency in English but sometimes at the expense of accuracy. These students have often had exposure to native language outside the school environment.

EFL (English as a Foreign Language): these programs are designed for students who still need structured, sequentially organized instruction in the language. Their proficiency in English reflects what they have been taught in the classroom.