Natural Sciences

Head:  G. Mariolopoulos
Coordinator:  S. Nikolaidou

All faculty members teaching Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology and Geography) in both the Junior High and High Schools of Athens College belong to the unified Department of Natural Sciences

The teaching of Science courses is coordinated during regular meetings of Department members and aims at familiarizing Athens College students with both the conceptual and the methodological aspects of Natural Sciences.

Common belief among members of the Department is that laboratory work is required to develop students’ observation skills, as well as to initiate the process of scientific research.  Thus, during Department meetings, laboratory activities are planned for Junior High School Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses, as are for High School Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology courses.

Members of the Department of Natural Sciences:

  • concern themselves with matters regarding methodology and the introduction of new technologies in the teaching of Natural Sciences courses.
  • prepare and write supportive teaching materials (theory, closed and open-ended questions, exercises, laboratory manuals).

  • chaperone students on educational visits to sites of scientific interest (i.e. the European Center for Nuclear Research – CERN).

  • organize “Physical Thinking” sections (JHS 9th grade and HS 10th grade), Science Lab sections (JHS 8th grade), as well as Remedial Teaching sections in Junior High School and Supplementary Tutorials in High School.
  • coach students who enter PanHellenic and International Science competitions.
  • coordinate projects undertaken by Club members.
  • collaborate with members of other Academic Departments and educational – scientific bodies.



The laboratories are situated in the attic of Benaki Hall:

Physics, with Mr. N. Kogias as chief laboratory technician.
with Mr. G. Kolympiris as chief laboratory technician.
Biology, with Mr. G. Kolympiris as chief laboratory technician.


The Junior High School laboratories are housed in Lila Hall:

Physics, with Mr. D. Korakas as chief laboratory technician.
with Mr. D. Korakas as chief laboratory.
Biology, with Mr. A. Malelis as chief laboratory technician.

ΠΑΙΔΑΓΩΓΙΚΟ ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ  (Pedagogical Institute)
ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ ΦΥΣΙΚΩΝn (Hellenic Physical Society)
ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ ΧΗΜΙΚΩΝ (Association of Greek Chemists)