Head: A. Manaridis
Coordinator: A. Gaitini

The Mathematics Department:

  • Meets regularly.
  • Monitors the progress/delivery of the curriculum.
  • Deals with issues on methodology and introduction of new technologies in the teaching of Mathematics.
  • Engages in the production of printed and electronic materials (notes, exercises, e-quizzes), whenever considered necessary.
  • Maintains a database of exercises and tests.
  • Arranges for the loan, maintenance and replacement of educational materials.
  • Collaborates with the other academic departments and, in general, with all educational institutions.
  • Oversees the Mathematics Clubs.
  • Prepares students for participation in national and international Mathematics competitions, through the operation of five sections (8th through 11th grades) of the “Mathematics Thinking” program.  This program has two objectives:
    a) the systematic preparation of students for mathematical competitions, in which the College has unfailingly participated with great success every year.
    b) the undertaking of initiatives with regard to Mathematics, which stimulate students’ greater and more fruitful engagement with Mathematics.