Information and Communication Technologies

Head: M. Kotsogianni


The term “Informatics literacy” (ICT literacy) describes the ability of students to use modern digital technology, communication tools and web services for accessing, managing, integrating, evaluating, creating and communicating information in order to solve problems and, ultimately, in order to participate in a knowledge society.

Informatics literacy is considered a cognitive-learning capability that parallels in importance that of linguistic literacy, mathematical literacy and scientific literary.  Consequently, courses that fall under the realm of Information Technology are not designed to simply train students in ephemeral technological skills.  They encompass much more than familiarity with computers and specific software functions.  Instead, they aim to develop competences in students that facilitate the independent use of computing and network tools in order to solve problems, to gather information, to be entertained and, in general, to participate in modern society.  These are the objectives of the Informatics courses taught in 11th and 12th grades