Interschool Coordinator: Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos


French is offered as a 2nd Foreign Language in all three Junior High School grades (2 periods per week) and as a 12th grade High School Elective (2 periods per week).  Having studied French for 2 years in Elementary School (4 periods per week), students have an opportunity to continue taking French language courses in Junior High.


French Department Objectives


  • Overall Objective: To enable students to communicate with relative ease in a French-speaking environment and to successfully meet the demands of everyday life up until the completion of their Junior High school studies.  The range of skills that are cultivated in French courses meets the standards of the Greek Ministry of Education and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues): listening and reading comprehension, oral and written expression.


  • Specific Objectives:
  • To acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful:
    • For studies, travel and training abroad
    • For comprehension of authentic French texts (newspapers, magazines, etc.) and audio materials (songs, movies, etc.)
    • To familiarize student with French culture, such as:
    • Habits and lifestyle
    • Cultural elements (ideas, beliefs, values)
    • Art
  • Ability to carry out and respond to common, everyday situations, such as:
    • Purchases
    • Completion of registration / subscription forms
  • Ability to give oral presentations and write essays on contemporary topics, such as:
    • Adolescence
    • Dreams and concerns of young people
    • Pros and cons of television, the Internet and social media
    • Sports
    • Nutrition
    • City life vs countryside life


In addition to approved French textbooks from publishing houses, exercise sheets prepared by French Department members, authentic texts from French newspapers and magazines, as well as audio materials, such as songs, dialogues between native speakers, French films and French television broadcasts (TV5) are used in the teaching of the courses.


Through French courses, students develop teamwork, guided discovery and critical thinking skills, as well an appreciation for multimedia use and life-long learning.