German Department

Interschool Coordinator: Katia-Eugenia Alevizopoulou

Teaching of German

German is taught as a 2nd Foreign Language in the last two grades of Elementary School (4 periods per week) and in all three Junior High School grades (2 periods per week).

In High School, German is offered as an Elective (2 hours per week) to students in 12th grade. 


The objective of German courses is to help students develop language skills, perfect the ability to use German as a means of communication, acquaint students with the culture of German-speaking countries, and equip them to become players in a modern European environment where linguistic diversity is a fact of everyday life and where knowledge of languages acts as a catalytic role in cross-cultural understanding and mobility.

Methodology and Teaching Tools

Teaching methods use in German courses focus on communication and teamwork.  Small classes and the use of multimedia such as, interactive whiteboards and our School’s online platform, help to optimize the organization and flow of the course and deliver the fastest and most effective language learning.

Familiarization with German Culture

The linguistic education of students is coupled with activities that promote familiarization with German culture.  To this end, students are provided with opportunities to visit sites related to German culture, participate in educational programs organized by the Goethe Institute, help organize the traditional Octoberfest, as well run a German Bistrot during the School’s annual Christmas Bazaar.  Other activities to help acquaint them with German culture include viewing German films and documentaries, reading German literature and listening to German music, working on cross-curricular projects and participating in competitions.