Information Technology Thinking

The “Information Technology (I.T.) Thinking” program is an institution that was established four years ago, aimed at providing students who love and are talented in Information Technology an opportunity to better understand the fields surrounding this specific science that are not covered in the School’s curriculum. 

The first semester deals with computer programming and algorithms. The objective is for students to develop skills that will allow them to tackle authentic problems using an algorithmic approach: that is, to break down a problem into components and to analyze each component individually; to design an efficient algorithm and to compare algorithmic design techniques; to cultivate a structured thinking approach and concise forms of expression.

At the same time, students learn the C++ programming language, regarded as one of the most popular and widely used among all programming languages. By learning a programming language, students comprehend the general principles governing the programming of computers, regardless of the programming language.

Students who follow the I.T. Thinking program are prepared to participate in the Panhellenic Information Technology Competition (, conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.  Over the last years, students in the I.T. Thinking program have won significant distinctions.

The second semester deals with robotics. Students become familiar with the operation of automated systems.  They design and build innovative constructions and they program the behavior of those constructions.  That is, they go one step further than the first semester and combine programming with a specific robotic structure which has to perform a task under specific conditions and restrictions.  At this juncture, students recognize more fully the usefulness of computing and its practical applications in both business services and in manufacturing.

Students who follow the second semester of the I.T. Thinking program are in a position to participate in the Panhellenic Robotics Competition (, also conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.  In the 2012 competition, our High School team won the gold medal.