Information Regarding Athens College JHS Field Trips (Oct 20, 2017) & Consent Forms


Following a decision of the Faculty Association, all Athens College Junior High School students will be going on field trips, all related to environmental-ecological awareness, on Friday, October 20, 2017, from 08:30 to 15:00.


7th grade students will visit Schinias beach;
8th grade students will visit Mount Parnitha;
9th grade student will visit Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP) (

To find out about students’ obligations during field trips, please refer to HAEF’s “Basic Rules & Regulations for Junior High and High Schools” (B.3.4) (available only in Greek), posted on the School’s website.

In accordance with Ministry Directive 33120/ΓΔ4 (Gazette 681/6-3-2017), in order for a student to participate in the field trip, it is necessary for his/her parent / guardian to personally submit a signed consent form to the Director of the School, or to send in a consent form bearing authentication of the parent’s signature.

Furthermore, in order for the field trip to take place, at least 70% of the applicable students must take part.  You must, therefore, sign and return the attached consent form (in Greek) to the School by Friday, September 29, 2017 at the latest.

In the event of inclement weather or other extraordinary circumstances, the field trip will be cancelled and students will remain in School and follow their normal class schedule.  For this reason, students should come to School on that date prepared for their classes. 

Also, on the day of the field trip, parent-teacher meetings and tele-conferencing are suspended.

For more details please refer to the attached files (in Greek).