Testing Center for the 78th PanHellenic Mathematics Competition “THALΕS”

Psychico, November 8, 2017 


To Athens College Junior High School Students


Please be advised that the 78th PanHellenic Student Competition in Mathematics “THALES” will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2017, 09:00 hrs., at Ionios High School, 10 Louka Akrita Street, 15437 Filothei-Psychico, tel: 210-6857130, email: info@ionios.gr.

Candidates must have with them either their National I.D. or Passport or National Health Booklet and be at the testing center at least half an hour (30 min.) earlier.

The duration of the Competition is three (3) hours and the use of computing (calculating) devices is prohibited.

We wish all our students good luck.

The Junior High School Administration