Seasonal Flu Vaccination 2017-2018 for Students

Psychico, September 15, 2017



To the Parents of Junior High School Students


Each year, the spread of the flu virus causes major disruptions in school life.


The single, most effective, way to prevent seasonal flu and its potentially serious complications is to be vaccinated annually with the influenza vaccine.


The School offers its students and employees an opportunity to be vaccinated.  Influenza vaccines will be available at the College’s Infirmaries where students can be vaccinated free of charge.


In order for us to organize a vaccination schedule, please complete and sign the attached declaration (questionnaire – consent form) and return it to the Junior High School Secretariat (Ms. E. Ntouni, Davis Hall, ground floor, office 012) by Friday, September 22, 2017.  Alternatively, you may send it either by fax to 210-67.19.706 or by email to 

The Administration