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J.H.S. Secretary: Ms. Anna Varvouzani

Eirini Ntounii

210 6798148

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Christos Vassos

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Maria Panagiari

210 6798173

Excusing Student Absences

To excuse your child’s absences, please contact the Secretariat in Lila Hall (Ms. Zarnaveli), tel: 210 67.98157, fax: 210.6748456.

Note:  Absences must be excused in writing by the parent or legal guardian within ten working days from the day the student returns to school.  The parent/guardian may submit the note in person or send it by fax.  Either way, the parent/guardian must also sign the Junior High School’s record book.   In the event that your son/daughter is ill, you are kindly requested to call the Lila Hall Secretariat (Ms. Zarnaveli) during the morning hours of the day your child is absent.  The Secretariat is open for this purpose during all normal school hours.