Bookwave 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, Athens College Elementary School participated en masse in Bookwave 2016, a campaign initiated by the volunteer organization Library4all and co-organized with the Benaki Museum and Bodossakis Foundation.   The main objective of this organization is to support school libraries.  Library4all is made aware of the needs of schools from around Greece and then helps these schools to create libraries or to expand their existing collections. Books offered by Library4 all are either new or in excellent condition and usually come from private donations, companies, publishers, writers and non-profit entities. 

The Elementary School’s Student Community once again worked hard, resulting in the collection of a large number of literary books for children, particularly for preschoolers.  The books were packaged with assistance from members of the Student Council and were sent to the Benaki Museum with the wish and hope that other children, particularly very young ones, may be exposed to the world of books in order to help them dev elop good reading habits.

The message below, sent to us from the leaders of Library4all, confirms the significance of our actions:

“We express our warmest appreciation to the parents, children and educators of Athens College Elementary School who for the fourth consecutive year responded to our call, collecting and offering new and almost new books!”

Congratulations to everyone for participating in this campaign!