Students Awarded in “Francophonie 2017” Competition

Once again, the French Institute, the Cooperation Service and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in Greece and other Francophone Embassies collaborated in the organization of the PanHellenic Competition “Francophonie 2017.” Students from all around Greece entered with over 3,300 projects. The theme of this year’s competition, open to elementary school students, was:




Students were invited to select a fairy tale, study its storyline, select one of the heroes, and to imagine and design the hero’s costume.  They then had to create a pattern for the costume, construct it so as to fit a student, and photograph it.  Finally, the students collectively wrote in French a brief presentation of the hero.

      Whilst all seven of our Elementary School’s 6th grade sections participated, Ms. Martini’s and Ms. Tsarouchi’s sections excelled in the task.  The students in those sections chose Antigoni Metaxa’s fairy tale, “The animals’ gratitude.”  The hero they selected was Ratola, whose costume they envisioned and constructed in a custom-fit size.  Lastly, as required, they wrote a short excerpt presenting Ratola.


In alphabetical order, the awardees are:  Kyriaki Achladi, Alexandros Aisopos, Dimitris Aisopos, Doris Anagnostopoulou, Alexia Anastasiadi, Konstantinos Chatzitsakos, Anastasis Fragkopoulos, Dimitris Galeros, Christos Gerontopoulos, Ariadni Kaltsa-Tsitoura, Chloe Kefala, Eriniki Kostoula, Dimitris Kostovilis, Olympia Koutentaki, Elena Kyllekidi, Christina Latsouda, Stella Ledaki, Dionysis Livanos, Ilias Machairas, Antonis Magkriotis, Giorgos Markoulakis, Iro Mavrou, Giannis Myridids, Nicole Nikoli, Smaragda Oikonomidi, Nefeli Papageorgiou, Zenia Pipilaki, Carolina Rokka, Aris Tsomokos and Konstantina Vekri.


A delegation of students from the two sections, together with their teachers, attended the Award Ceremony that was held on Monday, March 20, 2017 at the French Institute in Greece.


Congratulations to the students and their teachers on their success!