"J.M. Carras" Kindergarten

"J.M. Carras" Kindergarten

At the “J.M. Carras” Model Kindergarten, children learn and they play; they speak, discover, invent, think, sing; they love and they dream.

The philosophy of the new Model Kindergarten is based on the all-round development of each child, respecting his personality and his freedom of expression whilst building his confidence and cultivating his skills.

Instructors at the “Ioannis M. Karras” Model Kindergarten are experienced early-education teachers, holders of university degrees, as well as other professionals–educators in a variety of disciplines.

The curriculum is designed in such a way as to meet the demands and needs of pre-school children and includes: the learning of Greek and English in bilingual sections, theater workshops, drama-role playing, music-kinetic training, informatics, swimming, action games and much more.

Children become familiar with simple, basic computer functions and learn their various uses.  The technological equipment of the Kindergarten includes interactive whiteboards and smart tables with the latest software suitable for the pre-school ages.


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