Pedagogical Approach

The Project Approach to learning, in which students engage in studies that build on their natural curiosity, is the teaching method that is implemented at the “Ioannis M. Karras” Kindergarten.  Both in the Basic and in the Extended Curricula, children are encouraged to express themselves utilizing all of their “natural communicative tools,” such as movement, drawing, constructing, sculpting and music.

For this reason, both in the classroom and in the outdoor spaces, there are specific corners where students are invited to discover, create, improvise, interact and communicate.

At the “Ioannis M. Karras” Model Kindergarten, all Kindergarten and Nursery School sections are bilingual.  Each section consists of 23-25 students with two early-education teachers, one of which is a native English speaker.  All of the Kindergarten’s educators are experienced teachers and specialists that hold relevant university degrees in a variety of disciplines