Environmental Awareness Activities


Environmental activities organized by “J.M. Carras” Kindergarten aim to raise awareness concerning environmental issues. For instance, at the start of academic year 2015-16, each class planted its own vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables, observed their growth, and undertook the vegetable garden's care.  Returning from Christmas break, the children picked and tasted their vegetables.  Moreover, the school has adopted a little donkey named Violet, to encourage the students to respect living beings that are not part of their daily lives. 
Lastly, the students are becoming eco-friendly through their active participation in recycling by learning about the different categories of recyclable materials and the benefits of recycling for the environment.  By collecting plastic bottle caps and offering them to the Association of Paraplegics and the Physically Challenged, in the Pellas Prefecture, our School supports the organization’s work and helps them to purchase wheelchairs and other orthopedic items.