Extended Program

Kindergarten students take Swimming once per week at the “Alexandra Prokopiou” Swimming Center, in the “John A. Gabriel” Swimming Pool. Respectively, pre-Kindergarten students attend swimming lessons in the “J.M.Carras” Kindergarten Swimming Pool.
The course aims to teach students, through play, to move safely and confidently in the water.  The students are taught the basic techniques of freestyle and backstroke swimming through games and activities tailored to preschool age.
In Dance classes, students are given the opportunity to express themselves through movement whilst developing their own capabilities.  They cultivate a sense of rhythm and learn how to use their personal as well as their surrounding space.  Lastly, they receive preliminary training in basic movements of classical ballet and gain better control and coordination of their movements to music.
Kung Fu
In Kung Fu, students cultivate three basic skills: they develop discipline and concentration through specific exercises and games; they improve their self-confidence by developing their physical and muscular condition; and, they learn techniques martial art techniques (combative blocks, strikes, and kicks).  The core of the course is the same for the pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students in order to provide a logical continuity, differing only in volume, intensity and difficulty of exercises from one level to the next.
Cook Wood Plant
Our program is designed to familiarize young learners with an array of simple phrases and vocabulary through hands on activities covering a wide range of themes.  The students are exposed to cooking, gardening, and making crafts using natural material in a fun and light hearted manner.
Art in English
Art in English gives our students the opportunity to practice speaking in English through art.  We sing songs, we create artworks, and talk about our creations in English.  We encourage our little artists to be creative with all sorts of materials and to experiment with interesting art techniques. Activities incorporating art motivate students to think critically and the nurturing environment of an art class unleashes even the most reserved of students.  Our aim is to use the visual arts as a resource to inspire new vocabulary and discussion in English. 
Music-Kinetic Training
In Music-Kinetic Training, students become acquainted with instruments that comprise an orchestra, are exposed to songs, and develop their expressive abilities. Additionally, they cultivate their musical development and explore sounds through fun-filled rhythmic and music-kinetic activities.


Sports Games

Sports Games give students an opportunity to become acquainted with the principles and values advocated by athletics.  Appropriately-related recreational activities and educational games expose them to various sports.  During the school year, students can participate in:  Track & Field (Running and Throwing), Soccer, Gymnastics, Basketball and Mini-Tennis.  The objective of the course is to create the opportune conditions in order for students to get to know the aforementioned sports and their techniques.

Story Τime
Story Time takes place in both Greek and English.  Students are given the opportunity to be whisked off to the imaginary world of each story through creative storytelling and the dramatization of tales.  Language development and expression, in conjunction with movement (guided improvisation and role-playing), make Story Time a highly creative activity.  Dolls play, pages turn, sounds spring forth from books and Story Time begins.
Yoga Kids
Play, movement, story-telling, and music come together in Yoga Kids to help children learn to control their bodies, breathing, and thoughts.   At the same time, flexibility is strengthened and improved and children gain self-confidence.