Welcoming 6th Grade Students from Latseio

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014, students from Psychico College Elementary School’s 6th grade visited the Junior High School, situated on the Psychico campus, in order to become acquainted with their new School unit.  Students were enthusiastically greeted by our School’s Welcome Committee, comprised of both students and faculty.  Guided by Ms. Georgia Koumantari, Head of the Counseling Office, the students were given a tour of the campus, they played, they wrote comments on the Welcome board, and they got answers to their questions.  Specifically, the students visited classrooms, the Computer, Natural Sciences, Biology, and Technology Labs, as well as the Art and Music Workshops.

The day was fun for everyone.  We hope that in September our new students will arrive at their new School full of joy and excitement, now that they have become acquainted with the staff and the premises!

Have a pleasant summer!